Marthe Thibeault's Choreography

I Beg of You - March, 2018

Fireball (Easy)- July, 2014

Arabian Nights  


Stereo Love - July, 2010

Groove Is in the Heart - 2007

Northern Hoedown - March 2006

Up, Side, Down

 Carol Larocque's Choreography


  This Ain't Texas-Hold 'Em - March, 2024

Demo Video:

Tutorial Video:

 King of Jive - August, 2018     video:  jE6W6NTc3P0 o:

  Got Your Number - August, 2016   video: 

  Change is Gonna Come - August, 2016   video:

  No, No, Honey I'm Good - May, 2015   video:

  Published in LineDancer Magazine

  Bailando - August, 2014   video:

  The Best Thing About Me

   Toy Boy (in a group with Gerard Murphy)

   M.C. Tonight - joint effort - Marthe and Carol