Line Dance Sites (not all-inclusive-there are many more)

Step Sheets and Videos                                                         Links to Sites

World Line Dance Newsletter-survey, new dance step sheets     

Copper Knob (dance step sheets)                                                

Kickit (step sheets, surveys, top dances requested/danced)       

Big Dave's Official Website (step sheets, events)                     

YouTube (videos, music)                                                     

                      CANADIAN SITES

Vivienne Scott                                                                   

LDC - Line Dances from Canada (not all inclusive)                   

Fridays' - Lynn Warden                                                        

Dance Line - Judy McDonald                                                 

Dancing 2 the Beat with Collette and Pete                               

Let's Dance-Robert Fielder-event listings and classes                

Michele Carver                                                                   

Donna Laurin                                                                     


                      AMERICAN AND U.K SITES

John Robinson, U.S.                                                           

Kate Sala, U.K.                                                                 

Amy Christian-Sohn, U.S.                                                   

Peter Metelnick and Alison Biggs, U.K.                                  

Maggie Gallagher, U.K.                                                       

Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris, U.K.                                    

Michael Barr & Michele Burton, U.S.                                      

Rachael McEnaney, U.S.A. /                                                 

Robbie McGowan Hickie, U.K.                                               

Scott Blevins, U.S.                                                              

Guyton Mundy, U.S.                                                            

Rob Fowler, U.K.