Despite the poor weather and it being March break, we had lots of  people turn out for the St. Paddy's Day Social on Saturday, March 16th, 2024.  Lots of dancing, fun, and even some new dances learned on the floor by new beginners!  Playlist was completed with no dance being left off.   Colette did a fantastic job of creating the playlist and it kept most on the floor all the time!
Ireland potato chips were enjoyed by most - Colette's daughter (flight attendant) arranged to have them shipped from Ireland to her Mom here in Val Therese.  Miss Vickie's chips from Canada were also on the table to enjoy!  Lots of celtic music to enjoy the celebration as well as the regular music to dances.  See the playlist below.

St. Paddy's Social Playlist 2024          (click on)

My apologies for the two group pictures at top left.  The tablet may have been turned upside down to ensure security on the table when the pictures were taken.  I have tried many times to rotate and save, but to no avail.  If you click on each picture to enlarge you can copy it for your own use.  Sorry!