JINGLE BELL SOCIAL - SATURDAY, DECEMBER 12, 2020 (virtual, of course)

Thank you to all those that joined us for the Jingle Bell Social on Saturday, December 12, 2020.  Lovely to see everyone in their holiday colours and Christmas adornments!  As well, to make it more like Jingle Bell weather, we had a snow storm going on in Sudbury, and had 11 inches by the time it was finished overnight!  Yuck - lots to shovel out!  Getting back to dancing, we danced lots of current dances, as well as oldies and easier ones to Christmas music.  A huge Thank You! to Lindy Bowers, Juliet Hamilton and Carole Quirk, who assisted with leading some dances, as well as a couple of floor splits.  Attendees came from Canada, U.S, and even South Africa!  So glad that everyone enjoyed themselves, and looking forward to the next one in March - date to be confirmed yet.  See the pictures below - some I took and some were sent from Martha Davenport.  Click on each picture in order to enlarge it.
Thank you to all those that joined me at the Spooktacular Social on Saturday, October 31, 2020!!  It was so nice to see everyone get dressed for the occasion!!  We had participants from the U.S., UK, Ontario Canada, and South Africa.  A variety of dances were done in order to ensure that dancers were able to dance for most of the social, without having to sit out.  And of course, it wouldn't be a Spooktacular event without Hallowe'en music!  The majority of dancers remained online through the entire event, so I thank you so much for your participation and attendance.  The work that was done putting it together was worth all the positive feedback.  Have a look at the pictures below to see the costumes, and the participants (although some have their faces hidden behind masks  [and not Covid masks])!  Click on each picture in order to enlarge it.