1:00 PM - 4:00 P.M. ET 
"Have a shamrockin' good time with us!"

INSTRUCTORS - Carol Larocque and Colette Proulx
What a wonderful turnout to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, on March 11th, 2023.  Everyone took part in dressing up for the occasion, and wore their "Leprechaun Name" so others could see what their name would be (see names below).  Lots of blarney going on - especially when some of the more advanced dancers got tricked into messing up!
Two new dances were learned - Baby Belle by Gaye Teather and That's Where I Belong (contra) by Rosalee Musgrave.  Participants were kept dancing through the entire afternoon.  Everyone had a great time with lots of laughs and tomfoolery!  Looking forward to the Spring Social on June 3rd!  See pictures below.

Joke:  How did the Irish jig get started?     Too much drinking and not enough washrooms/restrooms!   

"Erin Go Bragh" - means Ireland forever.  It is a common greeting in Boston, MA, USA, which has a large Irish influence.  

WHAT IS YOUR LEPRECHAUN NAME?   (click on to see list to create your Leprechaun name)
Carol Larocque:  Patches O'Wooly                        Colette Proulx:  Clover O'Emerald

        Brenda - Barmey O'Finnegan     Carole G - Fortune McGreen     Carole H - Clover O'Finnegan     Debra - Barmy Rainbowchaser
        Dorothy - Mickey O'Toodles        Elizabeth - Freckles O'Finnigan-Lucky Charm     Evelyn - Hairy O'Little     Guylaine - Clover O'Shamrock
        Hughette - Clover O'Wee     Jeannine - Clover Weebit     Joanne M - Clover Weebit      Linda - Barny O'Little     Liz - Hamish O'Toodles
        Lyn M - Barney Ettercop     Marthe - Clover O'Fish     Rox - Hamish Cloverhopper     Ruth - Freckles O'Wee     Sharon - Hairy O'Wooly
        Sheri - Blarney Ettercap     Dianne G - O'Dancing     Desiree - Clover O'Emerald