12:00 NOON - 2:30 P.M. ET

"THANK YOU" to Lindy Bowers, Juliet Hamilton for assisting with the 1-wall review and leading dances

What a wonderful afternoon with our dancing friends to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!  Despite some technical difficulties and having to eliminate some dances due to time restrictions, we managed to do a lot of our favourite dances.  Rosie Multari - although feeling under the weather - was a trooper, and taught us three of her dances, which were well-received!  Can't have St. Patrick's Day celebration without doing "Stealing the Best" - choregraphed by Rosie 20 years ago!  Congratulations to Rosie!

Juliet Hamilton, Ottawa ON and Lindy Bowers, FL USA, were a tremendous help with one-wall reviews and leading the dances they chose to do.  Thank you so much to both of you for all you do for dancers!!  We missed having Martha Davenport from TN, USA and Carole Quirk, Ottawa, ON assisting with reviews and leads.  Hopefully we will have you help out with the next social - Hallowe'en, I hope.  As well, thank you to both of you for all you do for dancers - it is greatly appreciated!

Have a look at the pictures/screen shots below, as well as "Leprechaun Names" in the list below.  If you notice that your name is not listed and you wish to have it added, just send it to me via email.

A huge "Thank You!" to all participants for attending, and for dressing up for the occasion!  It is so nice and encouraging to see everyone partake in the shenanigans, and enjoy themselves.  A few good chuckles just make the afternoon more fun!

Joke:  How did the Irish jig get started?     Too much drinking and not enough washrooms/restrooms!   Ha Ha!

Hope to see you again at the next social, planned for Hallowe'en.  Details to follow.

St. Patrick's Day Social Program - Dances Actually Done
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"Erin Go Bragh" - means Ireland forever.  It is a common greeting in Boston, MA, USA, which has a large Irish influence.  

Carol's name:  Cheerful McBlarney - so I can have a smile on my face while giving you a bunch of blarney  (lol)  !!!!
Alice C. - Adorable O’Goofy           Brenda H. - Bubbly McBlarney             Elaine C. - Eager McWiggles             Diane S. - Dancin McMuffin
Lynda M. - Lucky O'Goofy               Beverly H. - Bubbly McMuffin                Patra B. -  Playful McBlarney              Co Co T.Cheerful McNoodle
Kathy W. - Kind O'Doodles              Donna H. - Dreamy McBlarney             Jeannie L. - Jolly McWiggles             Rosemary M. - Restless McWiggles        
Rhoda W. - Restless McCheesey    Judith D. - Jolly O'Really                     Louise H. - Happy O day                 Rosie M. - Restless McWiggles
Carole T. - Cheerful McMuffin     Allyn A. - Adorable McBlarney           Juliet H. - Jolly O'Grattin                

Click on each picture to enlarge for a better view.