1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Parkside Centre, 140 Durham St., Sudbury
Double COVID vaccination and masks are required to enter the Parkside Centre 
(once in the classroom, masks can be removed if you so desire)

One-wall reviews will be done for some dances on the playlist
2 New Teaches - Nasdravia (Carol) and My New Life (Colette Proulx)

  Nasdravia - Laura Michaels and Becky Michaels                         My New Life - John Offermans

SPRING SOCIAL PLAYLIST     (actually danced)
(click on above to download)
June 4th, 2022 - What a wonderful afternoon with all of our fellow dancers joining together for the first time since the start of the pandemic to do what we love to do - DANCE!  It was so nice to see all those that we have danced with before, and to meet new dancers and make them welcome.  A wide variety of easy dances for everyone, and some a little higher level to keep those that are more experienced engaged.  Thank you to everyone who were able to join us, and for those of you that were unable to do so, you have no idea what you missed.  BUT, there will be opportunities for all of us to do this again in the fall and winter months.  Now go put your feet up and relax until your next class!!