Thank you, thank you, thank you – to all those who attended our event!  Without you, this event would not have been a success! 

What an awesome time with the group who attended the Nickel City Line Dance Classic on Saturday, September 22nd!  A great group of dancers attended, and helped us support our charity of choice – Camp Quality Northern Ontario. We are able to make a donation of $733.00 this year – the most we have made to date!  Thanks so much to all the dancers!!!!

Zandra McCallum has been coming up north to be a guest instructor for the 11th time this year.  She did an awesome job of teaching the dances she chose to teach, with everyone enjoying them.  And of course, she has a very good rapport with all the veteran dancers who attended, and had some interesting conversations with some of them.  Carolyn Beer – meek and mild – was able to present her dances to the attendees with lots of enthusiasm and loud voice (using a wireless headset).  If she hadn’t had the headset, dancers may not have been able to hear her.  Thank you to both ladies for your time and dedication to passing along your passion for line dancing!

Colette Proulx, our DJ extraordinaire, did a fantastic job of daytime open dancing between teaches, and of course, the evening playlist.  For the most part, the dance floor was full all evening, and most people stayed right to the end.  So if the music was great, and the dancing was great, we can finish this year’s event with our heads held high!!

Thank you to Pete and Marthe for all their hard work prior to the workshop, and the day of.  Diana’s Catering did another wonderful job with the lunch.

The date for our 10th annual workshop is Saturday, September 21st, 2019.  Although our registration forms are not quite ready yet, we do know that our guest instructors for 2019 are Zandra McCallum from Burlington, ON, and Cathy Montgomery from Grand Valley, ON.  Mark your calendars!

In a week or so our pictures will be posted on our respective websites.  Visit one or the other, to see the fun we had.                            

Winners of various loonie bin items were:  Celebrate Dance Complimentary Pass:  Juliette del Bosco, Canadian Line Dance Classic:  Elizabeth Hendren-Roberge, Nickel City Line Dance Classic:  Carole Hawes.  Silent Auction for the Spring Workshop featuring guest instructors Simon Ward and Maddison Glover was won by Nerine Jacobs.  Giveaway for NCLDC 2019 complimentary pass was won by Jean Smith.  Loonie Bin Table winners were:  "Pete" Vincent-Schroeder, Linda Deline, Helen Cottreau, Lizanne Gregoire x 2, Murielle Arbour x 2, Lori Reinholtz x 2, Cheryl Johnson, Carole Hawes, Juliette del Bosco, Elizabeth Hendren-Roberge, Lyn Morin.  50/50 Winner:  Liz Jackson

Saturday, September 22, 2018
Polish Combatant Hall, 291 Albinson St., Sudbury, ON

Final Play List for Evening - September 11, 2018

Mamma Mia!  Why Me?- Lee Hamilton            Get It Right - Maddison Glover             Don't Wait Up for Me - Michele Burton        Sweet Sweet Smile - Dee Musk
Tell Me You Love Me - Maddison Glover         Never Tired of It! - Niels Poulsen          Groovy Love - F. Whitehouse, D. Trepat, J. Dahlgren
My Mother My Teacher My Friend - Ira Weisburd         King of Jive - Carol Larocque

Cheque presentation made to Connor Haley, on behalf of Camp Quality, at Marthe's Intermediate class on Tuesday, October 2, 2018.  Our largest donation to date - $733.00, other than the donation made to Tina and Joel Proulx, for Tina's lungs, in 2015.  Tina in doing very well, and can now enjoy a wide variety of activities!