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Carol's classes on Thursdays have been cancelled for the winter months.  New classes for this level of dance may resume, but a final decision will be made by May, 2018.

   Last class - December 21, 2017 - cancelled

  Int / Adv Program - Thurs, Dec 14, 2017 - Cancelled

  Int / Adv Program - Thurs, Dec 7, 2017 - Cancelled


Woozy - Lisa McCammon

Tell Your Heart to Beat Again - Jo Kinser, Jonas Dahlgren, Michael Barr

Hurts Like a Cha Cha - International Team (Simon Ward, Daniel Trepat, Fred Whitehouse)

Your Song - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Lady in Red - Simon Ward

Slowly, Gently, Softly - Gary O'Reilly

Pins and Needles - Brenna Stitch, Dustin Betts and Joey Warren

Heaven on Earth - Simon Ward and Malene Jakobsen

Pink Champagne - RETEACH - Rachael McEnaney-White

Buona Sera Senorita - Jose M.B. Vane, R. Verdonk, D. Trepat, J. Dahlgren

If It Ain't Broke - Darren Bailey and Amy Glass

Lemonade - Jo Thompson Szymanski & Malene Jakobsen

Tonight Again - Team USA (J. Thompson, G. Mundy, J. Robinson)

Rock and Roll Music - Rachael McEnaney-White

Pieces - Dustin Betts

Million Years Ago - Julia Wetzel

Got Your Number - Carol Larocque

Rockin' Rebel - Karl-Harry Winson & Laura Sway

Corazon Diamante - R. Verdonk, M. Gallagher, G. O'Reilly

Harden Up Princess - Simon Ward

You're So Beautiful - Lorenzo Evans

People Like Us - RETEACH - Rachale McEnaney-White

Darling Hold My Hand - Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris

Lose Control - Dan Morrison

Hey Hey Hallelujah - R. Fowler, D. Musk, S. Guichard, C. McVeigh

Extreme Love - Niels Poulsen

Sexy Night - Niels Poulsen and Raymond Sarlemijhn

Better When I'm Dancing - Julia Wetzel

Elektrisk - R. Sarlemejhn et al...

Black Magic - Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs

Tuesday Blues - Simon Ward

Cliche Love Song - TEAM USA (J. Thompson Szymanski, J. Robinson, S. Blevins

Eureka - Robbie McGowan Hickie

Pop 'n Drop - Dee Musk & Ria Vos

I Said I Do - Daniel Whittaker

And Get It On - Daniel Trepat & Jose M.B. Vane

Trouble With Treble - Maddison Glover

Shades of Passion - Rob Fowler

Flashlight - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Slam Goes the Door - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Don't - Amy Glass

Earned It - Julie Wetzel

Hit It Up! - Shaz Walton

Tell the World - Robbie McGowan Hickie

No, No, Honey I'm Good - Carol Larocque

Girl Crush - Alison Johnstone & Rachael McEnaney

Turn the Beat Around - Rob Fowler & Dee Musk

Shut Up and Dance - Cody Flowers

Beast of Burden - Roy Verdonk

See "Links" page for websites for step sheets and videos or click on name of dance


  Int / Adv Program - Tues, Feb 13, 2018 - Marthe

  Int / Adv Program - Tues, Feb 6, 2018 - Marthe

  Int / Adv Program - Tues, Jan 30, 2018 - Marthe



Pull You Through - Maddison Glover and Jo Thompson Szymanski

Mony Mony - Maggie Gallagher

Perfect - Alison Johnstone & Joshua Talbot

All Katchi, All Night Long - Kerry Maus

Boots - Maddison Glover

Tension - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Shake Rumble and Quake - Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick

Change My Ways - Jose M. B. Vane and Roy Verdonk

Think I'm Sexy - Rachael McEnaney-White

Clap Snap - Philip Sobrielo & Rebecca Lee

Wandering Hearts - Gary O'Reilly & Maggie Gallagher

Your Song - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Everybody's Groovin' - Rhoda Lai & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Short Small Sally - Roy Hadisubroto and Raymond Sarlemijn

Slow Hands - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Strip That Down - Maggie Gallagher & Tim Johnson

Tick Tick Boom - Debbie Rushton, Tim Johnson, Jean-Pierre Madge 

Whatchugot - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Wants and Needs - Darren Bailey and Kevin Formosa

Blessed - Jackie Miranda

Clap Clap Clap - Amy Glass

Numero Una - R. Verdonk, V. Scott, G. Richard, F. Buckley

The Ghost of You - Roy Verdonk, Sebastiaan Holtland

Run Me Like  a River - Jo Kinser, John Kinser, Guillaume Richard, Roy Verdonk, Jef Camps

Pink Champagne - Rachael McEnaney-White

Movin' and a Groovin' - Jo Thompson Szymanski

Don't Give Up - Vikki Morris

The Queen - R. Guillaume, R. Lemaire, G. Bachellerie

Tango With Me Darling - Rob Fowler, Daniel Whittaker

Oops Baby - Cody Flowers & Rachael McEnaneny-White

Shady - Darren Bailey, Fred Whitehouse, Amy Glass

Italiano - Rachael McEnaney-White, Shane McKeever, Niels Poulsen

Blue Ain't Your Color - Roy Verdonk, Jose M.B. Vane

Girls Talk - Fred Whitehouse

Crash - Fred Whitehouse

Keep It Groovin' - Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Pom Poms- Team International (Fred Whitehouse, Daniel Trepat, Guillaume Richard)

Take Me to the River - Original - Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahigren

Take Me to the River - Rewrite for better understanding - Roy Verdonk & Jonas Dahigren

Girls Like - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Shake That - Maddison Glover

Woman Up - Rachael McEnaney-White & Amy Christian

Make You Move - Scott Blevins

Let It Be Me - Amy Glass & Darren Bailey (Elizabeth taught)

It Feels Good - Tobey Lang (Elizabeth taught)

Outlaw - Suzanne Wilson (Elizabeth taught)

Handclap - Bracken Ellis and Brandon Zahorsky

Worldwide - Kayla Cosgrove

So Just Dance Dance Dance - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Guillaume Richard

Shots With Somebody - Rachael McEnaney-White

Feel Good - Shane McKeever

Under the Moon of Love - Rachael McEnaney-White

Uma Thurman - Derek Steele

Save the Day - Karl-Harry Winson

Out Like That - Trevor Thornton

Solo Amor - Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge, Fred Buckley

Jumpin' in the Morning - Rob Fowler

Making History - Craig Bennet, Dee Musk, Simon Ward

Levels - Will Craig

Cake by the Ocean - Scott Blevins

Syncopated Rhythm - Rob and Deb Fowler

Boys Like You - Rachael McEnaney-White

Holy Cowgirl - Guyton Mundy

Strip It Down - Rachael McEnaney-White 

Sugar Honey I.T. - Joahanna Barnes

The Bite - Ria Vos

Impossible Babe - Rhoda Lai

Ain't Misbehavin' - G. Mundy, J. T. Szymanski, A. Glass

Never Been to Spain - Jo Thompson Szymanski

Running - Will Craig (taught by E. Hendren-Roberge)

Dirty Work - Scott Blevins

WTF (What the France) - F. Whitehouse, D. Bailey, J. Warren

Beautiful Goodbye - Michael Barr

Love Me Like You Do - Ria Vos

Do What You Do - Rachael McEnaney-White

Mr Put It Down - Rachael McEnaney-White & Trevor Thornton

Lay It Right - Scott Blevins

Psycho - Jill Babinec & Guyton Mundy

Celebrate - Guyton Mundy & Will Craig

Can't Get Involved - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Bo$$ - Scott Blevins & Maria Maag

Double D (Duck Dynasty) - Trevor Thornton

Run Away With You - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Sugar Rush - Trevor Thornton

My Biscuit - Ria Vos

Take These Days - Maggie Gallagher

The Remix - Yvonne Anderson & Karl-Harry Winson

Fireball - Kate Sala

No Treble - Philip Sobrielo & David Hoyn

Ain't Wot U Do - Neville Fitzgerland & Julie Harris

Off the Chain - Fred Whitehouse

Crazy Stupid Love - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Hey O - Darren Bailey

Hey Hey I Think I Like Ya - Wil Bos

Alcazar - Robbie  McGowan Hickie & Karl-Harry Winson

Fireball - Marthe Thibeault

Till the Love Runs Out - John Huffman

Get It Bae - Joey Warren, Linda McCormack, Will Craig

AK Freak - Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy

Get My Name - Will Craig & Guyton Mundy

Coca Cola Shake - Ria Vos

All I Can Say - Simon Ward and Rachael McEnaney

I'm Mad - Brenda Shatto

Undefeated - Gyton Mundy

Hit the Floor - Ria Vos

Showstopper - Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski

Clap Happy - Shaz Walton

Post Code Envy - Joey Warren

Coolio - Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno

I'm In Love With You - Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

Girl Power - Simon Ward, Debbie McLaughlin, Jose Miguel Belloque Vane

The Great Gatsby - Laura Carvill

Wow Tokyo - Ria Vos, Kate Sala and the Tokyo Line Dancers

Girl Watcher - Ria Vos

Cool Cat Swing - Rob & Lianne Fowler

Madness - Vicky St Pierre

Treasure - Craig Bennett & Linda McCormack

Slip - Maggie Gallagher

Mirrors - Amy Glass & Will Craig

Question of Doubt - Ria Vos

Feel This Moment - Rachael McEnaney

Blurred Lines - Rachael McEnaney & Arjay Centeno

Shake the Room - Will Craig, Karl-Harry Winson

Faking It - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Gleefully There - Rachael McEnaney

Come Together 2013 - Debbie McLaughlin

Clap for the DJ - Ria Vos

Boom Sh-Boom - Rachael McEnaney

Stuck - Rachael McEnaney

Soul Fire - Ria Vos

Ding Dang Darnit - Rachael McEnaney

Clap Your Hands - Joey Warren

Gotcha Where I Want Ya - Ria Vos

Hairspray - Simon Ward & Rachel McEnaney

I Like It, I Like It - Simon Ward

Wom Bom Bom - Paul McAdam & Craig Bennett

50 Ways - Pat Stott

Fairy Tales & Love Songs - Guyton Mundy

Boys Will Be Boys - Rachael McEnaney

Call Me Maybe - Craig Bennett

To Infinity and Beyond - Kirsten Matthiessen

Time Bomb - Craig Bennett

Bang Bang - Rachael McEnaney & Simon Ward

Straight to Memphis - Kate Sala

Back in Time - Rachael McEnaney & Guyton Mundy

Skreem - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Rock Da Boat - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Kiss the Stars - Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris

Folla Me to Da Floor - Guyton Mundy

Jamaican Love - Ria Vos

Heart Beats Louder - Maggie Gallagher

Dance Again - Ria Vos

Bring Me to Life - Ria Voss

Caribbean Pearl - Maggie Gallagher

Domino - Rachael McEnaney

Rock Your Body - Francien Sittrop

Throw the Dice - Joey Warren

Askin' Questions - Larry Bass

Bittersweet Memory - Ria Vos

Freak a Little More - Scott Blevins

Rock the House - Dan Morrison

Move a Like - Ria Vos

Mr. Mysterious - Rachael McEnaney

Dayo Me Say Dayo  - Wil Box & Exmaeralda v.d. Pol