Thank you to all those who attended the Hallowe'en Social on Saturday, making it a huge success!  Cannot do it without all of you dancers!  Everyone dawned a costume, and it made the atmosphere so much more interesting!  Lots of dances done to Hallowe'en music, a teach of a Hallowe'en dance called "Walla Walla Bing Bang" by Double Trouble, and old and new favourites!  Costume prizes were won by Denise Lachance and Denise Giroux.  Thanks to Colette Proulx for selecting the winners.  Everyone joined in for the group pictures to make it a memorable occasion!  Had lots of fun with Street Party Contra - thanks Amy Christian!  To finish off the afternoon, Carol did a quick teach of a new dance that one of her classes has just learned - Save Your Tears by Donna Murray and Alan LeBlanc.   They love it and had asked for it to be played at the Social!  Thank you Donna and Alan!

Hallowe'en Social Playlist - dances actually done (original program was changed around somewhat) (click on the title only to view or download).  Have a look at the pictures below for all the great costumes, and of course, the group picture.

To enlarge a picture, click on each one to view.