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New Beginner Line Dance Classes      

New Beginner Instructions Very Important !!!

(for those that have little / no experience with line dancing)

Beginner Level Line Dance Guide (click on)


 If you are interested in the "New" Beginner class, contact Carol at to be placed on the mailing list.  

The more you do and are exposed to the terminology and steps, the better dancer you become, and the easier the steps are to learn/pick up.   

Repetition is what makes it work!

Please see documents below to learn more about the classes and instruction.

Video for Introduction to Line Dance

Line Dance with Patty - basic line dance step videos  -

Contact Carol at 705-525-0448 or email at

NOTE:  Classes are only cancelled if there are not enough people attending (for the most part).  Always watch your email.  Advance notice is always given, unless there is an emergency, so always check your email before leaving home.  Classes continue over the summer months, unless there are less than 5 people.

Updated:  November 7,  2021

 Basic Line Dance Steps and Terminology (click on)

If you wish to do a little practicing, download the document above, and practice some of the steps.  This will assist you in getting used to the terminology, and the motion of the steps.  If you choose not to practice, that is fine, as repetition in doing the steps is what makes it all come together!

Dancing Makes You Smarter (click on)

Benefits of Line Dancing (click on)

Line Dance - Floor and Classroom Etiquette (click on)