NEW BEGINNER LINE DANCE LESSONS (no previous experience)
at ParkSide Centre, 140 Durham St., Sudbury, ON (in YMCA building)
Please see COVID-19 Protocols tab - Mandatory
New Beginner Instructions (click on) - please read prior to the start of classes, so we can get as much 
dancing/teaching done as possible in the time we have allotted for class


Read if you wish:  Basic Line Dance Steps and Terminology  (click on)
If you wish to do a little practicing, download the document above, and practice some of the steps.  This will assist you in getting used to the terminology, and the motion of the steps.  If you choose not to practice, that is fine, as repetition in doing the steps is what makes it all come together!

Videos for Introduction to Basic Line Dance Steps - Kari's Line Dance

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New Beginner Program - Wed, December 8, 2021
New Beginner Program - Wed, December 1, 2021
New Beginner Program - Wed, November 24, 2021

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  Shattered Dreams - Karl-Harry Winson
  Merengue  Espana - Debbie Small                                                              Last Night's Dance - Karen Tripp
  Save Me - Karen Tripp                                                                                 Stealing the Best - Rosie Multari                                                                       
  Rockin' the Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall                                                Cokernut Waltz - Karen Spencer                                                                  
  Ah Si - Rita Masur                                                                                        Mamma Maria - Frank Trace