Beginner Classes                                         

(for those that have little / no experience with line dancing)

                                           "NEW" Beginner Class will commence only in April or May of 2020.  We are no longer taking any new students for our current class.  But if you are interested in the next Beginner class, contact Carol at to be placed on the mailing list.     

The more you do and are exposed to the terminology and steps, the better you get at it.   

Repetition is what makes it work!

Please see documents below to learn more about the classes and instruction.

Video for Introduction to Line Dance

Line Dance with Patty - basic line dance step videos  -

Contact Carol at 705-525-0448 or email at

"New" Beginner Line Dance Class Information (click on) - Very Important

Beginner Instructions 2019 (click on) - Very Important

NOTE:  Classes are only cancelled if there are not enough people attending (for the most part).  Always watch your email.  Advance notice is always given, unless there is an emergency, so always check your email before leaving home.  Classes continue over the summer months, unless there are less than 5 people.

 Basic Line Dance Steps and Terminology (click on)

If you wish to do a little practicing, download the document above, and practice some of the steps.  This will assist you in getting used to the terminology, and the motion of the steps.  If you choose not to practice, that is fine, as repetition in doing the steps is what makes it all come together!

Dancing Makes You Smarter (click on)

Benefits of Line Dancing (click on)

Line Dance - Floor and Classroom Etiquette (click on)


Beginner Program - Sep 12, 2019 - Carole T. - New Teach
Beginner Program - Sep 5, 2019 - Carole T. - New Teach
Beginner Program - Aug 29, 2019 - Carol L. - Review
Beginner Program - Aug 22, 2019-Carole T. - New Teach x 2


The Wolf - Jonno Liberman
Senorita La-La-La - Julia Wetzel
Elvis Shuffle - Pat Stott
American Kids - Randy Pelletier
Come Dance With Me - Jo Thompson
I Got a Woman - Michael Desire Nieto
Perfect - Mette Hemmingsen - taught by Carole T. July 18 19
Gone West - Maggie Gallagher & Gary O'Reilly
Sofia - Hotma & Wandy (d'ULD Bogor)
Easy Sucker - Step5678
Blue Night Cha - Kim Ray
Shut Up and Dance With Me - Jane E. Davis      
Lipstick Tango - Michele Burton
EZ Swing - Winnie Yu, Kathleen Richau
101 - Peter Metelnick
Baby Belle - Gaye Teather
Uptown Funky - Jill Weiss
Graffiti Baby - Julie Snailham
Please Mr. Postman - Tutuk Kusdaryanti & Lucy Aprilina
Billie Jean - Judy Rodgers
Rhythm Cha - Helena Jeppsson
Salsa Cuba (Imp) - Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
Salsa Cuba - Micaela Svensson Erlandsson
Mamma Maria - Frank Trace
That's Where I Belong - Rosalee Musgrave
King of Jive - Carol Larocque
I Got No Roots - Karen Tripp
If I Wuz U - Neville Fitzgerald and Julie Harris
Blue Ain't Your Color - Barbara Wallace
I Close My Eyes - Hazel Pace
Bye Bye Mambo - Helen Conroy Noonan
Champagne Promise - Tina Argyle
Snap - Vivienne Scott
La Culpa - Ray & Tina Yeoman
Fireball Easy - Marthe Thibeault
Little Rhumba - Donna Laurin
Cokernut Waltz - Karen Spencer
Charlie's Cha - Gloria Stone
Rockin' the Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall
Ex's & Oh's - Step5678
Heavenly Waltz - Bertha-Rose Park
Katchi - Rob Fowler
K is For Kicks - Christopher GonzalezMerengue  Espana - Debbie Small
My Boogie Shoes - Rosalee Musgrave
Stealing the Best - Rosie Multari
Merengue  Espana - Debbie Small       
Ah Si - Rita Masur

2017 Dances Taught

Got a Hole in My Pocket - Rosie Multari & Jo Thompson Szymanski         Snowflake - Simon Ward        

Twisting - Laura Sway & Julie Lockton                                                        Charlie's Cha - Gloria Stone 

Shut Up and Dance With Me - Jane E. Davis                                                        A Monster! - Anna Szymanski

Champagne Promises - Tina Argyle                                                                 Little Rhumba - Donna Laurin

Gloria - Rosie Multari                                                                                       Short Small Sally - Roy Hadisubroto and Raymond Sarlemijn

Bored - Ria Vos                                                                                                        Come Dance With Me - Nancy Hays                                     

Ah Si - Rita Masur                                                                                              Ex's & Oh's - Step5678

Crash and Burn - Gail Smith                                                                         Mamma Maria - Frank Trace

Merengue  Espana - Debbie Small                                                               Heavenly Waltz - Bertha-Rose Park  

Nimby EZ - Micaela Svensson Erlandsson                                                   Rockin' the Wagon Wheel - Jamie Marshall                                                        

Stealing the Best - Rosie Multari